Hey there!

I’m Megan

Where do I even begin...

 My husband and I have four kids, although most days it feels like 15. I am constantly pulled in a million directions and oftentimes feel out of sorts and like I can’t get a grasp on being a good parent with a solid routine.

Aside from being a compulsive worker, I am very compassionate. Some might say I can be too compassionate. I tend to lead with my heart instead of my head, and I have been hurt deeply a number of times because of it. I expect people to be just like me and put others first.

As you may or may not know, most people are focused solely on themselves. It’s difficult for me to understand when you are someone who finds satisfaction in helping others achieve their dreams.

I’m scared of spiders. I literally scream like a toddler when a spider crosses my path. Just thought you should know.


The little business I started when I was 32 has grown to 35 employees, 8 states, a Mortgage Broker Course and Franchise, and we’re on the launchpad to help as many loan officer and real estate leaders grow their business too.

If I am being totally honest, I feel it’s only fair that I share with you that I did not have the goal of becoming a small business owner when I sat down and planned out my life 18 years ago. However, I always knew I was an entrepreneur at heart. I also knew I was a woman who couldn't be forced inside a box or trapped beneath ceilings. There is no limit to any of our potential when given the right opportunities.

But I never imagined that having these desires would lead me, truth be told, force me into running my own business and getting tangled up in three lawsuits (that story is for another day).

“Buy a multi-unit and live in it for at least a year. Then move and buy another solid rental home that you live in for a year or two. Real estate will be your path to financial freedom.”

I never imagined this decision would result in me being cornered in the laundry room of my parents’ home, by my Mom, aunt, cousin and grandmother (all of who stand no taller than 5 feet) with their fingers pointing in my face, harsh words whispering and spitting out of their lips as they warned me of the impending doom I was choosing to head into.

I also never thought the Ernst & Young partner would tell me that moving to Pennsylvania was the wrong move. His exact words were, “You are making the biggest mistake of your life. You will regret it and can come back and talk to me anytime.”

I am fortunate that one of the gifts the Lord gave me at a very young age, was a confidence and belief in myself and my own decisions.

I didn’t listen to any of them.

Hey there!

I’m Andres

I'm the Co-founder & President of Co/LAB Lending, a leading mortgage broker based in Pennsylvania and the proud Dog Father of Bogata, my sidekick.

Recently I have been named _____________________

I sometimes have to pinch myself, or just sit down to take in where I am at, where Megan and I are at together.

I founded Co/LAB Lending with the belief that everyone can someday own a home. A successful company isn't just about serving its customers - it's also about serving its team members, it’s business partners and it’s community. That's why we've created a safe and inclusive atmosphere where people can grow personally and professionally, while always committing to excellence.

We've been fortunate enough to record record growth each year, by helping thousands of people achieve the dream of homeownership. After expanding our business into new states, we wanted to focus on helping other Loan Officers and Real Estate Professionals, with the hope of helping even more people, business dreamers like us, realize their dreams.

I came to America as a child 30 years ago with my family, and I believe in the American Dream. It's my mission to help others achieve it too. At Co/LAB Lending, we do this through all of our lenders and loan products. Here at The Co/LAB, we are doing it through educating and supporting you, as you build out the business you have always dreamed of.

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