Know About The Art of Rebranding

Jun 14, 2021
Know About The Art of Rebranding


Building a brand is vital for any business. It’s easy to think of it as just your logo or the color theme you use in business materials, but branding is so much more. It creates the first impression of your business, and you want to be sending all the right messages. The CoLab hosts Megan Marsh and Andres Munar have each owned multiple businesses and understand the importance of branding your business for success and the art of rebranding.

Show Notes:

When you start a small business, you get to define nearly every aspect of it, from the name to the products to the look and feel of its physical space. For many, the topic of branding might not land at the top of your to-do list when first starting out, but it’s an incredibly important part of a business at any stage.

As your small business grows, you want to be sure it has an identity that consumers can recognize, remember, and connect to on a personal level. It also should accurately represent the product or service you provide. In time, a brand also reflects the reputation your company has built, so you want to be sure your business is being represented in the best possible light. Whether you’ve been in business for one day or one decade, rebranding your company could be the key to unlocking even higher levels of success.

Ready to dive in? Here’s what we’re covering in this episode of The CoLab:

● [00:55] Think about your company’s brand. Is it reflective of a successful business or is there room for improvement to better represent your company?
● [12:39] The subject of branding comprises more than just a logo. It’s your company’s identity. It sets the tone for customers recognizing your business and interacting with it it.
● [17:32] Branding is powerful because it not only represents your company’s identity but its reputation and authority. At the end of the day, what do you want to be associated with your brand?
● [20:30] Businesses of any size need a brand, but what the brand is tied to depends on the company. For example, if your goal is to keep your company as a one-person operation, it makes sense to brand it with your name.
● [24:42] A key part of branding is making your business recognizable and memorable. People are creatures of habit, so successful branding will keep them coming back.
● [30:00] Branding can change over time, just like your business. If your company is undergoing change, such as opening new locations or launching new products or services that don’t quite fit in with your current brand, it might be time for a rebrand.

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