The Major Benefits of Starting Your Own Brokerage

Sep 28, 2022


Glenn Groves and Evan Wade are brokerage owners who aren’t done building their empires… As industry leaders in technology, marketing, and growth strategies, it feels like they’re just getting started! Tune in as The Co/LAB hosts, Megan Marsh and Andres Munar, speak with Glenn and Evan about the benefits of being a brokerage owner and how to successfully start and grow multiple brokerages. 


Show Notes:

Today’s guests believe that if you want to start a business, you should definitely give it a try! Of course, there will be learning curves and obstacles you need to navigate, but if you’re meant to own your own business, you can make it happen. Listen in as Glenn Groves and Evan Wade shed light on what you need to do before you start your own mortgage brokerage, the power of going into business with a partner, and their top tips for new and aspiring brokerage owners.

Ready to dive in? Here’s what we’re covering in this episode of The Co/LAB:

● [04:45] Introducing Glenn Groves, Owner of GTG Financial, along with Evan Wade, Founder of Philadelphia Mortgage Brokers and President & CEO of Epoch Lending. Listen in to hear their unique backgrounds in the mortgage industry.

● [13:53] Glenn and Evan bust a few myths about owning a brokerage, including there being a lack of control.

● [18:36] The hardest parts of starting a mortgage business & The power of starting a brokerage with a partner.

● [26:14] Evan explains the main reason he opened two brokerages & What to look for in a technology/software vendor.

● [30:58] How they plan to evolve and/or scale their businesses + A look into their numbers.

● [37:57] The most rewarding benefits of owning your own brokerage.

● [45:05] Advice for new and aspiring broker owners

● [47:24] A great hack for making corporate processing easier for your loan officers.

● [52:06] Glenn’s and Evan’s #1 tip for loan officers who are interested in starting a business.

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