How to Become a Recruiting Leader and Build the BEST Team

Dec 13, 2022



Are you a recruiter or is recruiting part of your responsibility as a leader? Should recruiting be top of mind for you? If you haven’t even thought of recruiting, you might be missing a crucial element that could guide you and your business to success. Listen in as recruiting expert Richard Milligan joins Megan to break down the importance of recruiting in real estate and mortgage businesses, even if you’re not yet in a recruiting role.

Show Notes:

Oftentimes, we operate within limitations for so long that we forget to dream. We forget that we have a vision for growth. Where do YOU want to be in 2032? If you want to have a team, be #1 in your market, and recruit the best salespeople… you need to become a Recruiting Leader. Having built 21 teams in the mortgage industry, Richard Milligan is a trusted leader in recruitment for mortgage brokers. Beyond direct recruitment, Richard helps leaders become the best recruiters possible. He even hosts a top-rated podcast, Recruiting Conversation, and authored a recruitment guide, How to Dominate Recruiting in a Digital World.  If anyone’s going to get you pumped up about recruiting, it’s Richard.


Ready to learn more? Here’s what we’re covering in this episode of The Co/LAB:

 ●    [03:07] Introducing Richard Milligan, an accomplished speaker, author, podcast host, strategist, and recruiting coach.

[06:29] What is a Recruiting Leader? & Richard’s framework for developing a Recruiting Leader.

[10:39] “We have to become a person of value before we try to become a person of success.” – Richard Milligan

● [12:16] How to Dominate Recruiting in a Digital World: Advice on preparing yourself for a recruiting role.

[16:51] Types of people you should be looking for as a recruiter in the real estate and mortgage industries.

[20:17] How to deal with people leaving your team & The #1 question leaders should ask in order to recruit and retain the best team members.

[29:24] “Recruiting done right is actually communicating as a leader your vision for the future, your values of who you are, and the reason why you do this beyond the money, beyond the transaction.” – Richard Milligan

[30:30] What it’s like to work with a recruiting coach.


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