Choice Is Your Opportunity To Start Over

Jul 15, 2021
Choice Is Your Opportunity To Start Over

Have you ever felt like you had to “ride” a situation out or just grin-and-bear-it? Feeling trapped by our choices or lack of choices is an uncomfortable problem many faces.

We probably all have, at one time or another, felt trapped and buried by circumstance. It is an unfortunate reality that can rob oneself of our value, happiness, and dreams. But, it doesn’t have to. I know it and you know it. The question is how are you going to handle it to create change for yourself.

I’m talking about your job or your career. We all made choices that delivered us to the very position we are in. Some are working their dream jobs. Others are stuck in a rut unsatisfied and unhappy with where their decisions landed them. Did you get enough education? Did you get the right education? Should you have chosen a different route and just worked your way up the managerial chain? All of these are choices you made for good or bad. If you happen to be in the group who is quietly thinking to themselves you’ve made the wrong choices, don’t worry, it’s ok. 

I am here to tell you that there is something bigger and better for you. It’s out there, I promise. You just need to be willing to act because you can get out of this rut. No more grin and bear it.

Before you act, you have to take the first step and wipe all doubts from your mind. It’s easy for excuses to build inside of your head. Thoughts like, “I don’t have the skills to do anything else”, or “I’m too old to learn anything new”, and my personal favorite, “I can’t start over because I have kids, family, and bills to pay.” It’s all false.

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The truth is that you can. I know because I have been there. I’ve already been where many of you are. I was once working for a company feeling stuck. Day in and day out was a struggle. I was overworked and underappreciated but there was nothing I could do, right? After all, I too had bills to pay and 3 kids to feed. I was trapped. At least that was my mindset.

I went to school for a degree and a masters in accounting and mustered up the guts to walk away from what others thought was a very promising and fulfilling career.  Spoiler alert: It wasn’t. (At least not for me)  I got stuck at another point 5 years later in another position. The same result just a new place. This wasn’t for me. I needed to do something drastic.

Fortunately for me, I have a very supportive family and a husband who encouraged me to finally do something for myself. Create the change I need and change the entire trajectory of my life.

So I quit.

It was a risky move and incredibly frightening but it worked and the change has since truly changed my life - for the better. I’ve since gone on to start several of my own businesses and have grown a real estate portfolio with over 40 properties. 

I would have never thought my life would have gone in this direction and I also recognize that none of it was possible without the encouragement and support from others. It’s so important that you have someone or others to encourage you. 

You have the same opportunity, the same choice as I did and can take the same leap of faith that I once did to start down a new path. Do something for yourself that you love and could free you from the shackles that held you down before. You must understand that there are no hopeless situations there are only people who have grown hopeless about them. 

Megan Marsh

You are not that person.

I wasn’t that person either but I didn’t know it until I was forced to make a new choice and change my path. I have started over, not once, not twice but three times and had to recreate my businesses. Much of it caused by my own poor decisions but I’ve learned that mistakes will be made and the outcome of every choice doesn’t have to be permanent.

I bounced back every single time and you can too! It just takes one step to start moving in the direction that you are meant to be heading. The fact that you are here and curious, means you are taking that first baby step. Let me help you take the next steps and the ones after that. Join our community of entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, small business owners and service industry professionals who have come together to raise each other up, share what has worked, what doesn’t and how we can achieve so much more through our lives and businesses we operate each day. We want to save you from some of these painful expensive mistakes.

No one needs to go through them. Know that:

  • Your success can be achieved only with others
  • Your lesson can be learned only from others
  • Your weaknesses can be strengthened only by others
  • Your servant-hood can be tested only under others' leadership
  • Your influence can be compounded only through others
  • Your leadership can be focused only on others
  • Your best can be given only to others
  • Your legacy can be left only for others

You should commit yourself to and celebrate with others! Be the rare kind of person who is willing to step outside your comfort zone and go for the change you want. Get out of that rut. Don’t be held down by imaginary shackles. Overcome your own objections. With the right support and a strong will, you can challenge yourself to live beyond your own personal expectations and achieve your most sought after goals.

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About The Author

Megan Marsh is one of the top mortgage brokers in the country, with her brokerage being named 2023 Regional Mortgage Broker of the Year.  Read Megan’s “About Us” story “From Fired to Financial Freedom.”

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