Grow Your Business Through Video with Jessica Edwards

Aug 17, 2021
Grow Your Business through Video | The CoLab Life

Standing out from the competition is necessary to attract new customers and maintain business growth, but are your current marketing efforts helping you reach this goal? If they’re not, you might find yourself lost in the sea while your competitors pull ahead. In today's episode, we are discussing how to grow your business through video with  Jessica Edwards, a Realtor, and owner of Jessica Edwards & Associates is known for her innovative use of technology and video and cutting-edge marketing tactics. She joins The CoLab hosts Megan Marsh and Andres Munar to discuss how these tactics can be used to help small businesses grow.

Show Notes:

Consumers are just a few clicks away from an endless sea of videos thanks to smartphones and computers. The use of video to market businesses, products, and services continue to rise. Luckily, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to break into video, so even small businesses have a chance to add it to their marketing toolbox. This week’s CoLab guest Jessica Edwards has been at the forefront of video marketing for Coldwell Banker. She shares her expertise with hosts Megan Marsh and Andres Munar in this episode.

 Ready to dive in? Here’s what we’re covering in this episode of The CoLab: 

  •  [01:15] Expensive commercials have long set the standard for video marketing, but video technology became more widely accessible in the mid-2000s. This prompted businesses big and small to harness its power for their own marketing platforms.
  •  [08:08] Video marketing gives business owners an avenue for building trust and connecting to clients before they even step foot in an office or store.
  •  [15:06] Video can be a daunting medium but Jessica says one of the keys to making it work is to keep yourself from overanalyzing and over-critiquing the content you create through it.
  •  [22:44] You don’t need thousands of dollars invested in equipment and software to make a splash with video. Start simply by recording on a phone and upgrade as demand for content increases.
  •  [31:52] Not every video you create for your company has to be promotional. Video also gives you an opportunity to put a personal touch on ordinary business practices, such as welcoming new clients.

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