How Your Service Business Will Survive In The Digital Age

Sep 07, 2020
How Your Service Business Will Survive In The Digital Age

Episode Description:

Doing business online is a requirement in today’s digital age. Businesses that can’t adapt to this new reality are missing out on customers. Don’t let your business fall behind. The CoLab hosts Megan Marsh and Andre Munar are joined by businessman and author, Andrew Pawlak, who shares his strategies and tools for turning clicks into customers.

Show Notes:
Technology has shifted many aspects of the business to online platforms. Everything seems instant. Customers can view recommendations and reviews, compare prices between companies, and purchase products and services in a matter of minutes without ever leaving their home. And businesses that refuse to adapt to our new digital reality are getting left behind.

Your business doesn’t have to be one of them. Change is overwhelming, but The CoLab hosts Megan Marsh and Andre Munar are joined in this episode by special guest Andrew Pawlak to discuss how your business can embrace the benefits that going digital offers and the tools available to navigate that journey successfully. Pawlak is the co-founder and CEO of leadPops, a lead generation technology firm that provides cutting-edge services and products to grow the client bases of Realtors, mortgage professionals, and insurance agents. Pawlak also is the author of the book, The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto.

Ready to dive in? Here’s a preview of this episode of The CoLab:

  • [02:20] Small businesses are losing customers to online competition. The internet has become the go-to source for referrals, reviews, and purchasing services. Businesses without an effective online presence are getting lost in the mix.
  • [10:00] Special guest Andrew Pawlak joins the conversation to share his personal story of success and introduce his tools and tips for converting website visitors into customers.
  • [14:58] “You can be a normal person and build something awesome. You just have to believe in yourself and you have to jump. You can’t just sit there on the edge thinking about it. You have to jump in and see what happens,” — Andrew Pawlak.
  • [16:28] Is your website getting traffic, but it’s not translating to customers? The problem may not lie with your marketing. You need an endpoint, a means of converting online visitors into leads, according to Andrew. You can’t do business with a click. You need to convert the click into a contact.
  • [20:00] Ads and websites can point people in the right direction but you need to give them a destination to reach. A website with a call to action and lead generation capabilities will help convert visitors to customers.
  • [27:52] Technology will continue to shift more and more aspects of the business to online and automated platforms. The more value you can add to your company through online lead generation, the more irreplaceable you become.

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