Boost Your Brand with Integrating Influencer Marketing

Feb 08, 2021
Boost Your Brand with Integrating Influencer Marketing


There are so many parts involved when it comes to running a business that it’s possible as an owner to lose sight of one of its most valuable assets: yourself and the value you bring to your brand. In the age of social media, there are endless opportunities to connect with customers both as a business brand and more personally as an influencer. In this episode, The CoLab hosts Megan Marsh and Andres Munar welcome Nicki Maher, a former corporate executive turned brand advisor and founder of Nicki Marie LLC, through which she advises businesses and thought leaders on their omni-channel marketing and communications strategy and integrating influencer marketing.

Show Notes:

Influencer marketing has become a hot trend in business. Companies are paying influencers to promote their products or encouraging their staff to become influencers themselves in order to connect with audiences— and potential customers. As a small business owner, you can join this movement by implementing new marketing strategies that have the potential to put your product or service in front of millions of new customers while sharing your authentic self at the same time.

Integrating Influencer marketing gives business owners an opportunity to connect directly with audiences and purport themselves as real people looking to solve problems, pass on valuable information, or just entertain people—all of which can be leveraged into revenue for your business.

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Ready to dive in? Here’s what we’re covering in this episode of The CoLab:

[02:33] Many people want to own a business but often find themselves stopped by feelings of doubt or fear because they recognize that owning a business and being part of one are very different experiences.
[11:17] Everybody wants that management title but do they understand the difference between working on a project and leading the project and the people involved?
[19:15] Marketing is changing, especially as people crave more authentic connections with others (including businesses) during times of social distancing. Influencer marketing is on the rise and it’s not just for twenty-somethings.
[25:51] Social media is a medium you can monetize while connecting with your audience as a business owner or as a company.
[31:36] A key component of using social media for business is your posts are not for you, they’re for your audience. You’re speaking directly to them so be sure the message you want to send caters to them.
[36:55] Thinking about taking a step toward integrating influencer marketing into your business? Maher recommends identifying what type of leader you are and connecting and surround yourself with the opposite type of person—people that can get stuff done that you can’t.

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