Tips & Lessons From a Multi-Brokerage Franchise Owner

Jan 10, 2023


Mike McGavisk, a real estate brokerage owner, serial entrepreneur, and Operating Partner at Keller Williams Realty, prefers franchises over non-franchised businesses. Why? Let’s find out! Tune in as The Co/LAB hosts, Megan Marsh and Andres Munar, speak with Mike about the benefits of starting a franchise and the importance of intentionality and strategy in building your own real estate or mortgage business.

Show Notes:

Do you want more out of your real estate or mortgage career? Do you want to build a business with a team; something of your own that gives you freedom and consistent income? Well, the people and businesses we network with and the choices we make determine the outcomes we see in our career. Here to break down the meaning behind that is Mike McGavisk, a real estate professional and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in the field. Listen in as Mike shares his top insights on why he prefers to start franchised businesses with ancillary businesses and the misconceptions people have about growing a real estate business/brokerage.

 Ready to dive in? Here’s what we’re covering in this episode of The Co/LAB:

  •   [02:44] Introducing Mike McGavisk, Broker & Operating Partner at Keller Williams Realty. Listen in to learn his intriguing background in education and why he ventured into a real estate career.
  •  [10:51] How he went from selling real estate to owning a brokerage.
  •  [16:38] Most brokerages Mike owns are franchises. Why buy a franchise?
  •  [18:03] It doesn’t happen overnight… Mike shares his lessons learned from owning and growing multiple brokerages.
  •  [23:20] What qualities make for an ideal business partner?
  •  [25:20] Mike details why he owns ancillary businesses and how they’ve impacted his brokerages.
  •  [30:29] Tips and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on dealing with stress and overwhelm.
  •  [32:43] Misconceptions people have about how to grow a real estate business or brokerage.
  •  [36:57] As a business owner, do you still actively sell?
  •  [38:25] What Mike is most excited for in 2023.
  •  [41:08] To connect with Mike McGavisk, email him at [email protected] or call him at (302)-530-1553.

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