The Blueprint to Successful Team building

Sep 21, 2020
The Blueprint to Successful Team building

Episode Description:

Behind every successful business is a great team. Maintaining a productive and welcoming work environment is vital to keeping your team members feeling empowered. Join The CoLab’s hosts Megan Marsh and Andre Munar as they reveal their blueprint for building an outstanding team.

Show Notes:
A hive of bees is the picture of teamwork. Each bee has a role and they’re all working together for the benefit of the hive. As a business owner, you want your work environment to resemble a hive of bees collaborating toward success.

The key to reaching this goal is an effective team building. In this episode of The CoLab, hosts Megan Marsh and Andre Munar share their “Busy Bee Blueprint” for building and managing an all-star team.

Through their blueprint, you’ll be able to put systems in place that define your team members’ roles, empower them, give them a voice, and get them thinking about their long-term career goals.

Ready to dive in? Here’s a preview of this episode of The CoLab

  • [03:20] We’ve all worked in a less-than-ideal work environment. Teambuilding can key to creating a productive and successful environment. How do you manage and build an all-star team?
  • [10:17] Exercises that ask employees to share, empathize, and connect with one another can bring your team together and make working relationships more productive.
  • [19:00] Let your team have a voice. It will help your employees feel empowered and confident in their roles.
  • [24:23] Write down everything you do in your business and everything you want to be doing. Organize these tasks into items you can continue to do and items you would like to delegate to your team.

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