5 Tips to Social Media Success for Your Business

Mar 22, 2021
Tips to Social Media Success for Your Business


Customers are everywhere, and they expect the same of the businesses they patronize. That includes the vast digital expanse that is social media. Figuring out where to start and how to best use social media for business can be overwhelming, but The CoLab hosts Megan Marsh and Andres Munar break down this complex topic. This is the second episode in a series focusing on marketing tips for new and small businesses. Today is about 5 Tips to Social Media Success for Your Business

Show Notes:

So much of modern business funnels through social media. It’s where companies connect with customers one post at a time through viral videos, stories that run the gamut from inspirational to cheeky, and pictures of everything from products to team retreats. Finding an audience is only the first step. Growing and maintaining it is vital for digital success, but this can be a challenging undertaking for new and small business owners. 

In this episode, Andres Munar, The CoLab co-host and social media guru will walk you through five important tips you should know when establishing and running your business’s social media efforts.  

Ready to dive in? Here’s what we’re covering in this episode of The CoLab:

  • [02:15] Using social media for business is an expectation at this point, so whether it’s you behind the posts or one of your employees, your business should build and maintain a presence on social media. 
  • [04:25] Tip 1: Post often. That doesn’t mean once every day or even once a day. We’re talking multiple times a day. That said, every post doesn’t need to be a deep dive into your business or product. Sometimes the best engagement comes from sharing something like a funny picture or a personal story. 
  • [09:15] Tip 2: Be yourself. That doesn’t mean be the perfect person you think people want to see on social media. It means being authentic and sharing your true self with your audience. 
  • [13:20] Tip 3: Put yourself out there. If you’re not creating content, people aren’t seeing it and connecting to you and your business. There is a difference between promoting yourself and bragging about yourself, so don’t shy away from sharing your accomplishments and expertise. 
  • [16:00] Tip 4: Grow and tend your friend's garden. Without people, there are no connections. If you’re using Facebook for your business, you can put your personal profile to work by adding friends who add value to your business—and purge the ones that don’t. 
  • [21:12] Tip 5: Just get started! Figure out where your customers are and start a profile or channel on that social media platform. Then get posting.  

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What about you? Do you have tips for social media success for your business that you use and been successful?

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