Women In Sales

Oct 19, 2020
Women In Sales

 Episode Description:

In this episode, The CoLab host Megan Marsh is joined by three inspiring women who work on her sales team. Together, the group explores the challenges women face in sales, what drives and inspires them, and what they enjoy most about their jobs.

Show Notes:

The male-dominated sales field can be an intimidating place for women to break into. Many don’t identify with words such as “aggressive” and “relentless” that pervade sales job ads. But statistically speaking, women in sales meet their commission goals more often than men and develop more diverse teams when placed in a leadership position.

In this episode, The CoLab host Megan Marsh is joined by three outstanding women from her own sales team who will share their expertise and insight regarding working as a woman in a sales-focused business. Joining Megan in this episode are:

  • Stephanie Turner, mortgage broker for Keystone Alliance Mortgage
  • Ann Mowry, mortgage loan broke for Keystone Alliance Mortgage
  • Melissa Mueller, loan originator for Keystone Alliance Mortgage

Ready to dive in? Here’s what we’re covering in this episode of The CoLab:

  • [03:18] Everybody sells, whether it’s parents convincing kids to do chores or a friend trying to persuade you to try a new restaurant. When selling is your job, the idea of living off only the commission you make can be daunting.
  • [05:25] Introducing Stephanie Turner, Ann Mowry, and Melissa Mueller, all members of Megan’s Keystone Alliance Mortgage sales team.
  • [9:53] What’s in a sales position? Is it all about being aggressive and relentless? Our guests see it less as sales and more as a service to help people.
  • [14:50] “I’m building the brand of me. People want to buy from Melissa Mueller. And I have to be genuine, I have to take care of them, and make sure that I’m doing right by them… . I think that’s ultimately something that is so important when you are building a business or you are in sales. It’s not just about the quick dollar.” —Melissa Mueller.
  • [23:10] We need more women to be sales leaders because we need more people who can understand women on our teams—to have someone in their corner fighting for them.
  • [26:00] If you can’t find resources to connect with other professional women, start them. Create communities that support and uplift women in any industry.
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