You Are the Key

Jul 21, 2020
You are the key

Episode Description:

Get ready to boost your business with The CoLab, a podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to elevate and expand their enterprise through collaboration and teamwork. In this introductory episode, meet hosts Megan Marsh and Andres Munar. The pair are business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders who have a passion and desire to help others succeed both personally and professionally. And to remind you that you are the key!

Show Notes:

Welcome to The CoLab, a podcast series focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their business ventures through collaboration and teamwork.

Podcasts hosts Megan Marsh and Andres Munar are the picture of collaboration. The pair combined their separate finance businesses four years ago and took it to a new level in just two years, ultimately doubling their team and tripling their revenue.

Together, Andres and Megan have a dream to use their extensive experience in business to teach others how they can become entrepreneurs by starting and operating their own businesses. Join them as they share their knowledge, resources, and more to help you start your journey of entrepreneurial growth and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

Do you feel stuck? That your hard work is going unnoticed and unappreciated? Megan and Andres have been where you are and want to help you overcome the hurdles standing in your way of success. You don’t need a recruiter or big company telling you what will get you to the next level. You can get yourself there. You are the key, and you can make it happen.

Ready to dive in? Here’s a preview of this episode of The CoLab:

  • [01:10] Welcome to The CoLab. Meet your hosts and business besties: Megan Marsh and Andres Munar. They each have spent 15 years in the lending industry. Four years ago, their finance companies joined forces and through the power of collaboration, doubled their team and tripled their revenue.
  • [02:10] We know where you are. We’ve been there. It might be dealing with a bad boss, feeling stuck, getting fired, or reinventing a brand. Learn from our experiences and avoid making costly mistakes as you grow your business.
  • [03:40] So what can you expect from The CoLab? Exercises, tips, tools, and resources that you can put into action and see results in your business right away that are presented by two knowledgeable business leaders.
  • [06:50] Collaboration is key, and this podcast will help you connect with a community of people like you and leverage these connections to inspire business growth.
  • [08:09] Ready to start your journey? Here is a preview of topics that will be covered in season one and two of The CoLab: how to take the leap from employee to employer, how to start your own business, how to build an all-star team, and how to deal with bad bosses.

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Megan Marsh is one of the top mortgage brokers in the country, with her brokerage being named 2023 Regional Mortgage Broker of the Year.  Read Megan’s “About Us” story “From Fired to Financial Freedom.”

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