Tired of wasting time and energy on traditional hiring practices?

Let the Co/LAB Mousetrap Hiring Process guide help you find the perfect candidate for your business.

Are you a small business owner struggling to find the right candidates for your team? Tired of traditional hiring practices that waste your time and energy? We know how difficult it can be to identify the perfect candidate for your business. That's why we created the Co/LAB Mousetrap Hiring Process - a systematic way to identify candidates with the qualities you're looking for.

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The Co/Lab Mousetrap Hiring Process

Ready to transform your hiring process and find the best candidates for your business?

Our step-by-step guide will walk you through each phase of the hiring process, helping you to eliminate lazy or unmotivated candidates and identify better candidates from those that complete all the hiring steps.

The Mousetrap Hiring Process is designed to determine which candidates are motivated, can follow directions, execute, and are willing to go the extra mile for something they want.

Ready to find the perfect candidate for your business?

Download the Co/LAB Mousetrap Hiring Process guide today and revolutionize your hiring process.

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Who Is The Co/LAB?


Meet Andres and Megan, two successful mortgage industry leaders who have joined forces as business partners. Andres is the Co-founder and President of Co/LAB Lending, a leading mortgage broker in eight states, recognized for innovation and excellence with numerous industry awards. He advocates for best practices and supports industry professionals through active engagement with trade organizations.

Meanwhile, Megan Marsh is a powerhouse mortgage broker, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and serial entrepreneur since 2005. She founded Lake Erie Mortgage Company and Keystone Alliance Mortgage and achieved astounding success in the industry. Together, Andres and Megan leverage their expertise and experience to drive success for Co/LAB Lending, instilling a culture of collaboration, transparency, and accountability.