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The Struggle of Navigating Mortgage Licensing

We understand how frustrating and confusing the mortgage licensing process can be. You're not alone in facing these challenges:

  • The maze of different licensing requirements for individuals, companies, and branches
  • The time-consuming process of gathering and submitting the necessary documents
  • The constant worry about missing crucial steps or making costly mistakes

If any of this sounds familiar, just simply gives you anxiety, or you just want to make the licensing process a little easier and you need a jump start these FREE 3 videos can get you started on getting your brokerage fully licensed.

Simplify Your Path to Mortgage Broker Licensing with Our FREE 3-Part Video Series

Our expertly crafted video series breaks down the complexities of the mortgage licensing process, guiding you through each stage with clarity and ease. Here's what you'll gain from each video:

  • Steps To Get Your Mortgage Broker License | Part 1 of 3:
    Learn about the three different licensing types (MU1, MU2, and MU3) and discover the essential steps to obtain your individual NMLS license, including course requirements, exam preparation, and finding a licensed company sponsor.
  • How to Get Licensing As a Loan Originator Easily? (Step by Step) Part 2:
    Understand the process of applying for a company or MU-1 license, including the necessary documents, creating a business entity, obtaining bonds, and submitting your application. Plus, get insights into the cost of licensing.
  • How to Get Licensing As a Loan Originator Easily? (Step by Step) Part 3:
    Delve into branch licensing and determine if you need one. Compare different states' regulations, find out how to retrieve branch requirements, and explore specific state examples of mortgage broker license requirements.

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Who Is The Co/LAB?


Meet Andres and Megan, two successful mortgage industry leaders who have joined forces as business partners. Andres is the Co-founder and President of Co/LAB Lending, a leading mortgage broker in eight states, recognized for innovation and excellence with numerous industry awards. He advocates for best practices and supports industry professionals through active engagement with trade organizations.

Meanwhile, Megan Marsh is a powerhouse mortgage broker, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and serial entrepreneur since 2005. She founded Lake Erie Mortgage Company and Keystone Alliance Mortgage and achieved astounding success in the industry. Together, Andres and Megan leverage their expertise and experience to drive success for Co/LAB Lending, instilling a culture of collaboration, transparency, and accountability.