The Co/LAB stands for Collaboration

And that means that we don’t keep all the good stuff to ourselves.  We want to share it with you, teach you the things that have saved us money and time.

It is the driving force behind the creation of our signature 6 part Mortgage Broker FastTrack course, which was built to empower and educate loan officers on how to open and run their own Independent Mortgage Brokerage.

The Mortgage LAB

Mortgage Broker Licensing

Mortgage Broker FastTrack was created to empower, support and teach loan officers and Realtors how to open their own independent mortgage brokerage.
This mini-course is designed to help you navigate the licensing and approval process of your independent mortgage brokerage.

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The Mortgage LAB

Mortgage Broker FastTrack- All 6 Courses

In this step-by step online learning experience, you'lll be guided by mortgage broker owners, speakers & founders Megan Marsh & Andres Munar, as they teach you the business & Mortgage Broker fundamentals that is needed today to open an Independent Mortgage Company.

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The Mortgage LAB

90 Day Co/LAB Crush It Bootcamp (Coming Soon)

This Bootcamp was designed to help you break down your goals & dreams into manageable, bite-size pieces, that with the right structure necessary to create powerful change, one step at a time.

I hope to inspire you to make the changes needed to make this year, your most powerful & meaningful yet. My goal with our time together is for to begin to see what is possible in a single week and throughout a year.

We all get the same number of minutes, hours, and days. What you do with them and how you invest them will ultimately determine what you’ll get out of all the days in your life.

The Real Estate LAB

Co/Lab Franchise


The Video LAB (coming in 2023)

Real Estate Video Roadmap- you don’t need to post videos on YouTube or social media to unleash the power behind the lens. Take our FREE 7 day video email course and dip your toe in the water. We promise you won’t regret it!

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