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Megan speaks from the heart and from experience. She motivates and empower audiences to discover their true potential in the workplace.



Awards and Recognition

Megan has been featured in numerous articles and recognized with awards. Here are just a few she has won.

Women Worth Watching 2020 Award

Entrepreneur of Impact 2020

2021 Mortgage Women Magazine Mortgage Star

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The Power of "No" Is All In How You Use It.

Fear of rejection, failure & embarrassment comes in the shape of one of the smallest words in the English language, the word NO.


From a very young age, we are told what to do. Parents tell their children “No”, based on belief systems & values. Managers & Co-workers tell their peers No, when they don’t agree or believe in the actions, words and ideas put in front of them. Business owners are stung with the No’s that come with running a business, when employees leave, customers don’t buy and banks won’t fund their vision.

Most of us thought that after we grew up, we would stop hearing that little word that pierces us so deeply. It’s now been 30 years and you’re still constantly instructed on what you should do, and you still feel like you have no control over your lifelong pursuits, when you are constantly hearing:


From a young age, she hated one thing above all others, being told “No.”

Megan Marsh speaks from the heart and from experience, as she motivates and empowers people to discover their true potential at home, in relationships and in the workplace. Even after graduating from college she didn’t know what she would be or how she would do it, but she knew she wanted to become someone who would accomplish Big Goals in life.

Constant changes, emotions and obstacles can make life a minefield. Real world, hands-on experiences have given me an arsenal of tools that can help your teams, leaders or audience get to meaningful results, improved communication, and resilience in the face of adversity.

A business and team that thrives in any environment improves not only your company, but the lives of everyone in it. Between 2005 and 2017, I used these strategies to grow my businesses, while raising a family, amid some challenging and hostile circumstances. From market collapse, lawsuits, broken businesses, and corrupt corporate cultures, my teams were able to rise above the noise, see growth every year and thrive.

I have spent my life leading, navigating and coaching people and teams at the highest level. I haven’t just studied it, I have DONE IT successfully for over a decade.

I will share candid stories about what it takes to LEAD and WIN consistently, in sports and business. I will also share the hardships and failures that have made me who I am, the No’s I encountered along the way and how it created a woman who now understands the challenges that many people face as they journey to Success.

As a senior in high school, I earned one of only 16 spots on the All American team, , earning a full athletic scholarship to a D1 school. From there, I went on to two Final Fours, an Elite Eight, and three Big East Championships.

Today, I bring those high performance and leadership skills to my business. After starting in Manhattan at one of the Big Four accounting firms, I moved to a small town in Western Pennsylvania, where I decided to defy the odds and prove that moving to a small town would not ruin my career. I have since started six different businesses, one of which performs in the top 1% of Women Owned businesses in the country.

3 Good Reasons To Invite Megan To Speak

When it comes to achieving personal or professional goals, there is nothing more powerful than mastering your mind and being able to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way. Here are three reasons I should speak at your next event:

Amazing Feature

I will help your people find the confidence and resilience they need to overcome obstacles, and raise up others around them.

Amazing Feature

Your audience will leave armed and motivated to develop a winning mindset, no matter the obstacles that stand before them.

Amazing Feature

I bring a “no excuse” mindset, teaching others how to overcome adversities to achieve what they thought was unachievable.

Every keynote speech offers clear tools to help transform and empower people to work better in teams and as leaders.

The Audience Will Leave With:

  • The ability to acknowledge the value and greatness of the people around them and the teams they lead, as well as the needs of those people ​
  • The ability to stand up, speak up, and take action to be change leaders
  • The ability to find a mentor and be a mentor, measuring their worth by the people they have helped
  • ​A fearless attitude regarding failure and mistakes
  • An understanding of the difference between Competing and Collaborating
  • An understanding of how to create personal & professional change that gets results