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The Truth About Becoming A Mortgage Broker.

Launch Your Own Mortgage Brokerage In 12 Weeks!



In this step-by step online learning experience, you'lll be guided by mortgage broker owners, speakers & founders Megan Marsh & Andres Munar, as they teach you the business & Mortgage Broker fundamentals that is needed today to open an Independent Mortgage Company.

During the 12 week program, you will build confidence, avoid pitfalls and finish the program knowing exactly what you need to be doing to build a successful & profitable mortgage company.

Here Is How It Works!

A sneak peek at the Mortgage Broker Fast Track!


  • 12 Weeks of Guided Learning
  • Step-by-Step guidance from yours truly, filled with all the resources, checklists and guides we have build over the past 10 years
  • Video modules, workbooks and hands on exercises to keep you engaged and moving forward
  • Resource & Tech Library with even more details to help you succeed
  • Group coaching, accountability & 1 on one mentoring as you build your Broker Blueprint



Licensing Module 

Licensing & Launching Your Mortgage Brokerage


Sneak Peek:

  • Individual Licensing Steps
  • Choosing & Filing your Business Entity
  • Understanding the Documents needed to get a company license approved
  • Preparing you Brokerage to OPEN & Make Money 



Module 1

The 7 Key Decisions


Sneak Peek:

  • Discovering your deepest goals & dreams and making them a reality
  • Reverse engineering into your goals & numbers
  • Creating a budget & projections that will seem eons away, when in reality is right at your fingertips
Module 2

The Art of Outlining Your Brokerage


Sneak Peek:

  • Picking your Main Broker Systems
  • Choosing your vendors (the one’s that save time & money) instead of testing everything under the sun for 3-5 years
  • Learning what Human Resource benefits you need to have to attract and keep A-player people
  • Learn the secrets to operating completely digital (so you can wow referral partners when you open a file, while having coffee in Starbucks
Module 3

You Need Lenders, Loan Processors & LO’s


Sneak Peek:

  • Learn where to find any type of wholesale lender you need
  • Compare the benefits of having an in-house processing team versus using contract processing companies
  • See the actual incentive pay structures we have used for each size team we have had and what is working for us now
Module 4

Become a Team Building Addict


Sneak Peek:

  • Download copies of the exact hiring ads & email sequences we follow to ensure we are hiring the best in the business
  • Master onboarding with the 90 Day New Hire checklist that has been perfected with each new person we have brought on. Why reinvent the wheel, when the wheel is already working
  • View fun and engaging activities you can implement with your teams and their families, from Virtual Family Bingo Night to Adult Show & Tell
Module 5

Mortgage Marketing Mastery

In Module 5, you are going to learn how to be seen as a community leader and real business owner and not just another loan officer who changes lenders every 2-3 years.

You are going to begin building the online foundation that will grow into a lead generating machine within 12-24 months, by uncovering the secret sauce behind content and funnels.

Module 6

Bonus Resources

You will get access to all the websites, tools and resources we use in our 30 person Brokerage; the bookmarks, the extensions, the apps, all of it is outlined and ready to share with you immediately!

This Program is For...


Loan Officers with at least a year + of experience as a Loan Originator.

Loan Officers who are sick and tired of all the Red Tape.

This Program is NOT for You if...


You just want to make a quick buck. This program is about building a long-term, sustainable, real money-making business. 

You are not a team player. This is for individuals who want to support and learn from each other.

You're a Negative Nancy! If you tend to complain or argue- please stay away. We are all about respect and constructive. criticism.

Be In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself!


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By the end of this program,

you will have…


    • Clarity & Focus

      Define your business's Mission & Vision and actively take steps to launch your brokerage or FastTrack your new brokerage in the right direction
    • The Right Tools & Partners

      Confidently choose the Lenders, Tools & Resources needed to build a mortgage business that will change the lives of your team, family and community
    • A Well Defined Growth Strategy

      Develop a strategy for growth & training, so you can build a team that will support you and give you time freedom (Even if you are a workaholic and have never taken a vacation during your entire mortgage career)
    • Understand Using KPI's for Success

      Use the power or numbers to outline a path to production and revenue growth through Key Performance Indicators
    • Marketing Strategy For Attracting New Business

      Craft a marketing plan that will diversify your revenue by generating leads & staying top of mind with current customers and your local community
    • An Efficient Loan Process

      Implement a loan process that will “Wow” your clients and referral partners, but most importantly remove the need for your touch in every single step & decision

Want More Information?

Join one of our confidential FREE webinars.