The Goal-Getter's Workshop

Achieve Your Dreams and Goals with Ease.

Welcome to The Goal-Getter's workshop, the ultimate virtual course to unlocking your full potential and achieving your life goals. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of your dreams and goals? Do you feel trapped by lack of time? Our step-by-step guide is here to help you break down your goals into manageable steps and provide you with the clarity, structure and extra time you need to achieve success.

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What's Included in The Goal-Getter's Workshop. 

The Goal-Getter's Workshop is a comprehensive workshop that will teach you how to break down your goals and dreams into manageable steps for long-term success. Here's what you'll learn when you register and attend our workshop.

  • Understanding Core Values - Learn how to identify and define your core values to align your goals with your true purpose and passions.
  • Making Decisions - Master the art of making smart decisions that will lead you closer to achieving your goals.
  • Defining Career and Life Goals - Discover how to set clear and achievable career and life goals that will inspire and motivate you.
  • Planning for Success - Learn how to create a clear and actionable plan for success, using tools and techniques that will help you stay on track. Critical and
  • Creative Thinking - Develop your critical and creative thinking skills to overcome challenges and obstacles on your journey towards success. Daily, Monthly, and
  • Yearly Planning - Create a system for planning and tracking your progress towards your goals, no matter how big or small.
  • Leveraging Your Time and Resources - Maximize your time and resources by learning how to prioritize and delegate effectively.

Here's Why You Need To Attend This Workshop.

Break down your goals into manageable steps and provide you with the clarity and structure you need to achieve success.


Meet Megan! 

About Your Success Coach

Megan Marsh, a powerhouse of determination and resilience, has fearlessly navigated both her professional and personal life, achieving astounding success as a mortgage broker and an unwavering commitment to her family. As a full-time mother of four, Megan has honed her expertise in time management, productivity, and goal attainment, seamlessly balancing her responsibilities and ambitions.

Megan's journey began with her exceptional performance in high school, where she was named to the US Jr National Team and recognized as one of the 16 High School All-Americans. She later captained a Division 1 field hockey team, securing three Big East Titles and participating in two NCAA Final Fours.

Following her early achievements, Megan pursued her passion for business, earning undergraduate and master's degrees in business and accounting from the University of Connecticut. Her professional career kicked off in Manhattan at a prestigious Big 4 Accounting firm, where she demonstrated courage and adaptability in the face of the World Trade Center tragedy.

Refusing to be constrained by conventional expectations, Megan boldly stepped out of her comfort zone, leaving her high-profile job to build her dream life in a small Pennsylvanian town. Alongside her husband, Laban, she delved into the world of investment real estate, leveraging her growing expertise to forge a thriving career as a Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Investor.

Capitalizing on her background in accounting and investment properties, Megan has been a mortgage industry powerhouse since 2005, founding two successful mortgage brokerages – Lake Erie Mortgage Company in 2013 and Keystone Alliance Mortgage in 2016. Megan is also a speaker, coach, and serial entrepreneur dedicated to achieving all of her goals. Every. Single. One.


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Join the Goal-Getter's Community 

Connect with Like-Minded People and Stay Accountable.

Join the Goal-Getter's community and connect with like-minded people who are also on the journey towards achieving their goals.  During the workshop you will have the opportunity to connect with others. Our workshop provides a supportive and motivating space where you can share your progress, ask for advice, and celebrate your wins with them.

In addition to the workshop, you will leave with a workbook, checklists and daily planner that you will use after the workshop is complete. Plus, with the connections you make you will have accountabili-buddies to help you stay on track and achieve your goals faster.

Are you ready to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential?