The Co/LAB stands for Collaboration

And that means that we don’t keep all the good stuff to ourselves.  We want to share it with you, teach you the things that have saved us money and time.

It is the driving force behind the creation of our signature 6 part Mortgage Broker FastTrack course, which was built to empower and educate loan officers on how to open and run their own Independent Mortgage Brokerage.

Real Estate Agents: 12 Must Have Milestone Emails that you need to incorporate into your mortgage process.

Imagine gaining hours a week of your time back by adding in 12 update messages to your customers. 

If you are ready to up your communication game, provide great customer service, and gain back your valuable time but aren’t sure what to say in these emails don’t worry.

We have all the templates with images already put together just for you!

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Learn the Mortgage Licensing Process in just an hour with our FREE 3 Part Mortgage Licensing Videos

Are you a loan officer looking to understand all the Mortgage Licenses?

Our 3 Part Mortgage Licensing Videos can help. We’ll show you how each of the three main mortgage licenses work and the steps you need to take to get them. Plus, we’ll give you resources and tips, so you can focus on what you do best: closing mortgages.

Get started today and see your business take off!

  • Individual Mortgage License
  • Company Mortgage License
  • Branch Mortgage License
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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Mortgage Broker (Coming Soon)

This is the complete guide to opening an Independent Mortgage Brokerage in 2022 and beyond.

So if you’re looking for:

  • More sales, which leads to more income
  • More control of your future
  • More freedom to impact your customers, referral partners, and community

Then you’ll love the actionable steps & helpful resources in this new guide. We are going to eliminate the confusion on how to become a mortgage broker and bust many of the myths that are floating around the mortgage community about what becoming a mortgage broker is really all about.

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